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STATEMENT: We at lot1433 believe that design and art are integral parts of modern life. Some say that with modernism comes the feelings of stagnation and cold sterility. We believe it can be welcoming and beautiful, flexible and usable, warm, original, intelligent and affordable...and efficient.

You are allowed to put your feet on the coffee table. The pots and pans in the kitchen can show wear. And a book shelf should be, well, strong enough to hold books. All of this why? Because it is REAL.

Your environment should reflect who you are and what you are about. It should be accessable. It should be inspiring. And it should evoke feelings and emotions as well as embrace those which already exist. Because it is REAL.

Unfortunately, that furry green lump in the back of your fridge, we can't help with...that's a little TOO REAL.

HISTORY: lot1433 was founded in 1991 by Andrew White. It mainly specialized in creative services pertaining to film, television and fine art. As the years passed, lot1433 grew to include residential and commercial design. What is it about? It's about the idea, the process, and the finished product. It's about the merging of idea and purpose and material. Most of all, it's about the passion, the relation, the inspiration, and the vision.

We sincerely thank you for visiting and we hope you return often.


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